LTM2893-고분해능 1Msps SAR 아날로그-디지털 컨버터 절연 솔루션

The LTM®2893 is a high speed isolated μModule (micromodule) SPI interface with ADC control signals. The LTM2893 is optimized for isolating 1Msps high resolution 18-bit SAR ADCs, such as the LTC2338 and similar families, and can interface with most general purpose ADCs. The LTM2893-1 is optimized for isolating the LTC2348 and similar families of simultaneous sampling ADCs that require writing configuration settings into the ADC. LTM2893 isolates the conversion start, sampling signal, with very low aperture jitter (30ps) and low latency (20ns).

조회수 6522회
기사입력 : 2017-02-01

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